The Clark Center Story: Sharing the Legacy of a Seminal Dance Community

by Jill Williams with Ramona Candy

Lenore Latimer, from Clark Center NYC archives
Lenore Latimer, from Clark Center NYC archives

There are some stories that need to be told. That’s how a few alumni from Clark Center for the Performing Arts felt about our stories: they are too important to the world of dance to disappear. Though Clark Center closed its doors 25 years ago, it continues to live in the hearts of all of the dancers, musicians, choreographers, and students who were a part of this important and unique dance community. The collective devotion to Clark Center is attested to by the willingness of the active alumni—a group that has now grown to over 600—who generously support our project, Clark Center NYC, by sharing memories through writing and through presentations, offering dance works for performances as well as volunteering time to work on the preservation of our legacy. The role of creative spaces such as Clark Center that nurtured many artists is an important piece of dance history, one that is too often overlooked. The aim of the Clark Center NYC project is to capture this communal history and lineage while honoring the individual artists whose stories are part of ours—and vice versa.



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